Industrial concrete floors are a necessary investment for surfaces with heavy, consistent use. That includes locations such as large retailers, production facilities, and warehouses. They require specific applications, methods, and features to meet demanding conditions. At Beaver Concrete, we understand the importance of durable, strong industry concrete floors and how essential they are to maintaining safety and efficiency, even while supporting heavy loads and high traffic.

To ensure the best outcome, it’s critical to consider the materials used along with the application of suitable finishes. This ensures the best performance and resilience of industrial concrete floors, especially over time, making them a crucial investment.

Industrial Concrete Floors Done Right

The core requirements of reliability and durability for industrial concrete floors must include:

  • Meet specific load requirements
  • Maintain a very flat, even surface
  • Provide surface hardness without detraction
  • Finish and color

A good subgrade and base preparation are necessary steps for concrete industrial floors and help ensure uniform, exceptional support. To achieve this level of durability in such complicated circumstances, it’s critical to install floor slabs in a controlled environment utilizing tried-and-true strategies. One way we do this is by incorporating proof-rolling, a method used to ensure uniform support and proper subgrade preparation for industrial concrete floors.

Steps Involved in Pouring Industrial Concrete Floors

There are numerous, very specific steps that must be completed by a skilled and trained technician to ensure the best outcome. Consider what happens throughout this process:

1. Preparation and Excavation

Clearing away material and properly excavating the site ensures a solid base. This means leveling it with care. Small mistakes here lead to foundation problems later. Proper grading and compaction prevent settling and crackling, which renders the surface useless.

2. Formwork and Reinforcement

Attention to detail in creating the formwork is the next key component of success. This ultimately defines the shape and boundaries of the structure. To ensure exceptional results, we use reinforced materials, including rebar and steel mesh, both of which add significant strength to the industrial concrete floor.

3. Concrete Pouring and Leveling

With a solid base, the process of pouring the concrete floor is next, but it begins with the selection of the best material and then ensures proper mixing and placement. One of the ways we ensure exceptional results is by using advanced technology, including the SOMERO S-22E Laser Screed. This creates a superior level of flat surface and ensures highly precise and quality-build foundations.

4. Finishing and Curing

Depending on the goal of the project, we employ one of several finishing techniques, including troweling, floating, and power screeding. The end result is a very smooth surface that can take a beating. The curing process then takes time and is never rushed, as it gives the concrete time to harden to its most desirable level.

Materials Used for Commercial Flooring

To ensure durability at the highest level, we use steel reinforcing bars and steel fibers. Additionally, materials such as fly ash, slag cement, and steel fibers are utilized within the mixture to add further durability. This, along with metallic hardeners, helps to improve abrasion resistance and reduce cracking risk on these surfaces.

Different Types of Finishes for Industrial Concrete Floors

We adhere to all applicable requirements, including the ACI 117 Standards for super flat flooring. To achieve this very precise level, we use advanced laser screed technology, highly skilled professionals, and meticulous planning. We also offer a wide range of coating options, including epoxy, acrylic, and urethane, to further enhance the protection of the industrial concrete floor.

Advanced Industrial Concrete Floors with Beaver

For the success of your building, ensure that your industrial concrete floors utilize the best processes and materials to ensure the ideal outcome. Beaver Concrete Construction offers superior commercial, residential, and project success. Contact us for more information on industrial concrete flooring, materials, and finishes—let’s get it done!